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Mawra Hocane & Sadia Khan Photoshoot for Kayseria

Kayseria, being a designer brand,doesnot need any introduction. They played with the colors so beautifully, this time for their spring collection, that at first glance, I felt like I shall buy them all.
Mawra Hussain along with other models did a very beautiful yet different photoshoot for the spring collection. We can see the colors of springs in every single picture. And yeah, Mawra is carrying herself very nicely and Sadia is looking really different and beautiful in the shoot that I was unable to recognize her when I first came across this shoot.
Enjoy the photoshoot :

Ali Zafar’s Valentine Day’s Special Concert!

Ali Zafar might be known as an actor around the world now, but this does not mean his passion for music has ended. He might not have time to release albums now, but he definitely likes to sing in the Bollywood movies he acts in. He has song for his movie Meri Brother Ki Dulhan, London Paris New York, and for his upcoming movie Total Siyappa (which will release in the first week of March). He still sings on special requests or if something exciting comes up. Last, he sang the OST for the show Zindagi Gulzar Hai because Sultana Siddiqui had requested him. Once again, he did a concert this year for HUM TV channel. He was recently seen performing in the ‘Valentine Day’ concert organized by HUM TV at PC Hotel, Karachi. This will go on air on Hum TV on the 14th of February, 2014.
Here are the pictures from the concert:
ali 1 ali 2 ali 3 ali 4 ali 5 ali 6 ali 7 ali 8 ali 9 ali 10 ali 11 ali 12 ali 13 ali 14 ali 15 ali 16 ali 18 ali 20 ali 21 ali 119 ali 187

 4th Pakistani Media Awards

(Red Carpet)

Pakistan Media awards were held on 11th January 2014 at the Expo Center in Karachi, Sindh. Awards was hosted by Shamoon Abbasi and Faisal Qureshi. The ceremony was arranged for December 28, 2013, but, due to overwhelming response from the public on online voting for the public poll of selected online nominations , the ceremony was rescheduled for January 11, 2014. PMA is one of the most prominent ceremony of Pakistan, Pakistan Media Awards televised recorded in more than seven countries. The award is a statuette representing a knight having star on chest and officially named as a Pakistan Media Award of Merit.

there were all the stars of TV, Film and Drama are present with Media partners, singers, fashion designers, beauticians and photographers. The Award ceremony took hold with the main objective to escalate and recognize the hard work of Pakistani artists for their outstanding performances to project our culture across the globe through TV drama. Pakistan Media Awards 2014 aims is to revive our film industry through this platform.

Faisal Qureshi Won Best actor Award (Adhori Aurat Geo Tv) wherease Mahira Khan awareded for Best actress (Shre- e-Zaat Hum Tv) at Pakistan Media Awards 2014. Best RJ award goes to Adeel Azher (FM 107), Best Female RJ: Sulmeen Ansari (FM 107.4), Best News Caster male: M.Junaid (Geo Tv), Best Female Newscaster: Ayesha Buksh (Geo Tv), Best Fashion Designer: Zainab Chottani

Best male model: Omer Shehzad, Best Female model: Ayyan Ali, Best Makeup Artist: Angie Marshall, Best Film Director: Syed Ali Raza Usama (Main hoon shahid afridi), Best Morning Show Satellite: Muskurati Morning (Faisal Qureshi. Tv One), Best Drama: Zindagi Gulzar Hai (Hum Tv), Best Drama Director: Sultana Siddiqi (Zindagi Gulzar Hai), Best drama writer: Humaira Ahmed (Zindagi Gulzar Hai), Best drama OST: Ali Zafar (Zindagi Gulzar Hai), Best Supporting Actor: Shamoon Abbasi (Ghayal Aplus), Best Supporting Actor Female: Sabreen Hisbani (Aunn Zara Aplus), Best Sitcom: Kis Din Mera Viyah (Geo Tv).
4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-1 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-2 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-3 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-4 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-6 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-7 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-8 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-9 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-11 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-12 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-13 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-14 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-15 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-17 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-18 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-19 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-20 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-21 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-22 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-24 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-25 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-27 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-28 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-29 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-30 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-32 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-33 4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-34 Ayyan-4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-26 Javeria-Saud-4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-10 Komal-Rizvi-4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-5 Shakeel-Siddiqui-4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-31 Shamoon-3rd-wife-4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-16 Shamoon-4th-Pakistan-Media-Awards-23

Imran Abbas Latest Photoshoot

Enjoy his latest photoshoot :
 1506940_376239072521269_1536225345_n 1524586_376239132521263_757040151_n 1524741_376239089187934_1575773998_n 1525004_376239069187936_1711201110_n

Shehryar Munawwar Photoshoot

Just came across these pictures of Shehryar Munawwar and felt like I should share it with my readers too. SM is looking way different yet funny in all pictures.

9011_483768105075215_1207033752_n 558966_483768178408541_417796053_n 996676_483767355075290_996990079_n 1450191_483767815075244_1193891736_n 1456595_483768091741883_1959560784_n 1461052_483768475075178_1684241052_n 1469938_483768141741878_142963007_n 1476023_483768468408512_1698520850_n 1477612_483767638408595_1490233613_n 1489115_483767405075285_173696404_n 1489134_483767611741931_858876522_n

Sana and Babar Khan’s Wedding Pictures

Babar Khan and Sana Khan too have now been added in the list of the amazing showbiz couples which got married in 2013 and earned a lot of wishes and prayers from their followers on their wedding. Babar Khan is one of the handsome newcomers who look young but their experience and perfection in the domain of acting do not go unnoticed by the audience. Sana Khan, on the other hand, is also an actress by profession and first got prominence in drama serial Parchhaiyan as Xavia. 

The couple is now happily married and both of them compliment each other completely. While Babar followed simplicity to be his fashion, Sana looked extremely pretty on her wedding day. Here are some of their photos, have a look!
994979_374227172722459_17846559_n (1)

PTV Celebrates its 49th Anniversary in Lahore The channel which can be considered as the building block of the Pakistan’s entertainment industry recently celebrated its 49th anniversary in Lahore on November 26th, 2013. Been started in 1964, the channel has kept its followers. Now that the private channels have changed the entire theme of entertainment in general, the terrestrial channel still is one of the most expensive channels so far. Serving the said field for decades, the channel has a huge list of dramas and shows on record which not only generated a decent revenue but also entertained the viewers.

The ceremony was attended by the leading celebrities showing their love and regards towards the channel. Out of many celebrities, the prominent ones who were noticed in the eve were Badar Khalil, khushbaksh Shujat, Ahsan Khan, Noor ul Hassan and others.

See detailed news here:
Cake Cutting Pictures:
"We congratulate the channel and its team on completing 49 years of ultimate success and consistency."

Sanam Baloch's Wedding Pictures

Sanam Baloch and Abdullah Farhatullah have turned into one of the most happening couples of the year 2013 and since the day their Nikah has been held, their pictures are ruling the social media in the best possible manner. If u are a Sanam fan and had been following her morning shows lately, you must have noted that this newly-wed bride looks completely amazing with the new change her life has adopted.
We covered the news of her nikah just after it was actually held in Karachi and soon the Mayun pictures appeared on screen, we shared the beautiful collection of the eve with our readers.
Here comes even a better treat for readers who were looking forward to the Nikah/wedding photoshoot. Wearing a beautiful combination of red and white, the actress/host looks completely adorable on the day which for sure is, the most memorable one in her life. Like her previous photoshoot, her family is found enjoying with her, celebrating the night to fullest. 

 Enjoy high quality pictures of Sanam Baloch here:

Sanam-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-1 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-2-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-3-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-4-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-6-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-7-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-8-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-9-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-10-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-12-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-13-600x400 (1) Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-14Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-15-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-17-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-20-600x400 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkah-21 Sanam-Baloch-Nikkha-23-600x400

Zinda Bhaag Movie Premiere

The most anticipated movie of the year, which will also be representing Pakistani entertainment industry in Oscars this time made its grand release last Friday, that is, September 20th, 2013. The movie is a joint venture of India and Pakistan where we see Indian director adding in his experiences of direction in the movie and the Indian flawless actor Naseeruddin Shah doing a major role in the movie. The story is based on the lives of three friends in Lahore who are more than willing to do anything to get their green cards done.

The movie made its premiere recently and interestingly, many of our renowned celebrities made their appearance in the premiere and also appreciated the movie.  The premiere was held at the ‘Ocean Tower’ (and not the atrium mall this time) last Wednesday where the presence of stars like including  Zeba Bakhtiar, Samina Peerzada, Yusaf Bashir, Behroz Sabzwari, Faisal Qureshi, Nabeel, Junaid Khan, Amina Sheikh, Azfar, Nadia Jamil, Sarmad Khoosat, Noor-ul-Hassan, Aisha Khan, Sajal Ali, Momal Sheikh and Ainy Jaffri glowed up the evening further.

It is yet shocking that the movie hardly conducted any promotional campaigns apart from the promos that were seen going on air on ARY Digital, being a major contributor in the film’s production, yet, the movie is now ruling all the cinema houses all over the world.

 Here are a few clicks of the night,

Have a look!
1174759_1375189716050113_1045721690_n Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-1-400x397 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-3-193x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-4-341x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-7-200x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-8-332x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-9-246x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-11-359x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-13-325x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-16-400x211 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-18-358x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-21-389x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-22-225x400 Zinda-Bhaag-Premiere-in-Karachi-23-225x4004

All for now, we congratulate the entire team of ‘Zinda Bhaag’ for its huge success and wish all the verys best for its future moves at Oscars.

Veena Malik Photoshoot for (Zindagi 50-50)

Veena Malik looking extremely hot and racy in a black bikini. The star was seen striking a sultry pose and adorning the sylphlike beauty and snazzy in pink bikini wear. She plays a SEX WORKER and its reflecting in the photo shoot. This role is not of a very high profile prostitute generally portrayed by other actors but of a girl ‘Madhuri’ who is part of a red light area. She did intensive research and even met with girls from the trade to understand their way of talking and body language etc. She also looking forward for her Bollywood movie “The City That Never Sleeps” which is produced by Satish Reddy and Directed by Haroon Rashid which based on Night Life.

HUM TV Awards rare pictures revealed!

After little pause in the blowing air, HUM Awards are again successful to create a hype among the viewers of Pakistan’s Drama industry. It was only few days back that the channel announced its first official ceremony to pay a tribute to the leading dramas of the channel for the year 2012-2013. From the nominations to the results, the event seemed quite controversial where either the audience raised questions about the criteria been set for the nominations or the fact that the results were bias and no decisions of the audience were given respect.

Syra Yousaf and Shehroze Sabzwari – Latest Pictures

Shehroz Sabzwari is a Pakistani actor and model who is known for his role in the film Khulay Aasman Ke Neechay directed by his uncle Javed Sheikh. Syra Yousuf is a Pakistani VJ, model and actress. These Pictures are taken at supreme tea live chat session.

Mahira Khan:

Feeha Jamshed Latest Party Wear Collection 2012 Featuring Mahira Khan

Feeha Jamshed Latest Party Wear Collection 2012 Featuring Mahira Khan


Feeha Jamshed Latest Party Wear Collection 2012 Featuring Mahira Khan-4

Kanwar Arsalan & Fatima Effendi wedding pictures


Ayesha Omer Biography | Photo Gallery And Pictures

Ayesha Omer Biography

Ayesha Omer (born October 12, 1980) is a Pakistani Actress, Model, singer, former MTV Pakistan VJ and painter

Background of Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer Born on October 12, 1980, Ayesha graduated from the prestigious National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan, where she mastered in fine arts. She acquired fame with two of her hit singles, “Aao” and “Koi To Ho”.
Since her early days at school, Ayesha had been keen in theater and charity work. She was a president at her arts school and managed theater productions along with doing costumes and conceptual creative work. She would dedicate her summers at the Rising Sun School for special children. At the age of eight, she started hosting a show with Muneeza Hashmi called Meray Bachpan Kay Din in which she would interview celebrities about their early days.
73727170696867666564636261605958575655545352515049484746 454443424140393837363534333231302928272625242322212019181716151413121110987654311424


Sajal Ali's New Pics:

"Sajal ali is a very young Pakistani drama actress.
she was born on january 17,1994 at lahore.
She acted in different Pakistani drama serials.
She has won the heart of many peoples  in a very short time.
she was only 18 year,s old"


About Ayyan:


Fashion model, Ayyan is the freshest addition to the roster of Pakistani fashion models. This extremely sensual leggy beauty has got style and attitude that is rare and the beauty that is ethereal.
Fashion model, Ayyan has touched the peaks of success in a very short span of time; she has done innumerable shoots for big designers and photographers including Karma, HSY, Tabassam Mughal. Her latest photo shoot for Tabassam Mughal summer/fall collection 2010 was an outclass portrayal of attitude and right expressions by fashion model, Ayyan.
Fashion model, Ayyan looks absolutely breathtaking, she got an amazing blend of innocence and sensuality, above all her good height makes her even more demanding in Pakistani fashion Industry.

Talented Actress Sanam Baloch’s Beautiful Pictures:

Sanam Baloch is a famous Pakistani TV Host and drama actress. She is a rising talented Pakistani artist. As an actress, she has given her best and now is the hot star of Pakistan.

dghsdggfhjgfhSanam Baloch Bye Bye StyleSanam-BalochSanam-Baloch-Gallery-520x346Sanam-Baloch-Image-520x390Sanam-Baloch-Smile164138_181065895260331_4135143_n206520,xcitefun-sanam-baloch-222236_208128759220711_8130755_n227202_210841645616089_202682_n229266_210841565616097_8238932_n293583_245618868801726_194470357249911_784667_3183057_n394863_316229881743931_94433053_n


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