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Mohib Mirza brand ambassador of wrist watch

Mohib Mirza, is currently hosting famous music reality show Pakistan Idol but lately he is not appearing in many dramas.
A multinational wrist watch brand ‘Westar Watches’ has signed Mohib as their brand ambassador in Pakistan. Here are few pics from this advertisement campaign

Sara Riaz Passed Away Today

Famous female chef Sara Riaz has passed away today in Karachi due to cancer. She was in critical condition for past one week.
Sara Riaz was famous for her cooking show on cooking channel ARY Zauq. Her cooking show ‘Khana Pakana’ was telecasted five times a week on weekdays.


Hum TV Awards 2014

I know many people will disagree with me, call me mullah and what not but I am going to share my feelings about the recently held Hum TV awards any way. I also know that the media doesn’t care what people like me think because for them being “modern” is more important than being politically correct. Forget about the revealing dresses that our actresses wore because in their imagination they were attending a Hollywood event so they didn’t want to look any less modern than Angelina Jolie. The only difference is that when Angelina Jolie dresses up like that, she is dressing up according to her culture. But people living in “Islamic Republic Of Pakistan” really should know better! Our media is getting too bold, many Pakistani dramas already should have a PG rating on them. Gone are the days when simple and entertaining family entertainment were in fashion. Nowadays, showing disgusting stories and get ups is in fashion.
 All of you must have seen this picture of Javaid Sheikh and Bushra Ansari. Call me a mullah (again) but I find this picture VERY disturbing. What kind of an example are these older celebrities setting for the newer ones? They are kissing and hugging on stage today, you can only imagine what would be happening next. What is even more worrying is that people have stopped criticizing things like this. We have accepted this modernization, which is actually deterioration of our culture and identity. Shouldn’t Pakistani artists represent the masses? or are they only there to represent the masses in the dramas. People who know nothing about Pakistan and know only this that this country was made in the name of Islam, must get very confused. On one side we have extremists giving an entirely different highly conservative image of Pakistan and on the other hand we have wanne-bes who blindly follow the West forgetting that they have an obligation towards the country that they live in and the people who gave them all this fame. Are we so ashamed of our own culture that we consider it an insult to wear our own cultural dresses on functions? These people look lost to me, they belong neither in Pakistan nor in any other country, what good is such modernization then? It is their short sightedness that makes them believe that kissing in public and wearing dresses (which they most often can’t even carry) can take this country forward in any way.

It is the duty of the media to represent their country and the culture that exists in the country. Do these awards in any way represent the people of Pakistan? How many people out there can relate to these people who make us laugh and cry on screen but have nothing in common with us off screen. If they are so ashamed of their culture, so impressed with foreign culture then they should not expect people to look up to them. A request to all our stars that please represent your country, that is the only way people will respect you. A request to Hum TV awards organizers, you have a duty to make sure that your awards represent the country which has given you so much love. Shalwar Kameez looks awesome and stylish , next time make it your dress code. A request to our senior artists, we respect you please don’t make us change our opinion about you by showing how misguided you are.
I hope that we realize that there can be entertainment without vulgarity. I am boycotting the Hum TV awards because that is the least I can do.

Newcomers Of 2014

The year 2014 is a great year for newcomers in Pakistani entertainment industry. We saw many new faces on our television screens as well as on the ramp. This list contains the names of those female actresses who gained recognition in the year 2013 not only because of their good looks but also because they are very talented. There are many other females in our showbiz industry who are very attractive but this list if for the year 2014 so we decided to focus on new faces rather than adding only those which were already there in the list last year.
1.Ushna Shah
Ushna Shah is a young Pakistani actress, who started her career in Pakistan media industry through drama serial ‘Mere khuwabo ka diya’. She has worked as a Rj in Canada, her radio show name was Saanjha Aasmaan. Ushna is a very pretty young girl and people are loving her innocent looks. Ushna Shah is doing new projects, which will be airing soon.
Current Drama :
Hum tehrey gunagher
Bashar Momin

2 . Sarah khan
Sarah Khan is a new Pakistani actress and model. Sarah Khan become popular for her acting in drama Bari Apa. Sarah Khan Pakistani actress. Sarah Khan looking like a very promising young talent .
Current drama:
Hum thehray gunagher

3.Mansha Pasha
Mansha Pasha (born October 19, 1987) is a Pakistani actress best known for portraying the character Rushna on Hum TV’s drama serial [Shehr-e-Zaat] of which she was also the line producer as part of her work experience at Hum TV.

Current drama:
Ek Aur Ek Dhai
Zaara aur Mehrunnisa
Hum Thehre Gunahgar
Mohabbat subh ka Sitara hai

4.Sana Javed
Sana Javedis a Cute Pakistani actress from Karachi Pakistan. These days she is most popular in public, due to Pakistani TV Dramas. Her first project ‘Mera Pehla Pyar’ of ARY Digital was much successful and the starter of her success. Sana Javed Pakistani actress look cute in her all photos shoots. Sana javed is a talented actress of Pakistan

Current drama:
Ranjish hi sahi
Pyary afzal

5.Arij Fatyma
Arij Fatyma has been on screen now for a long time and she has been doing superb work. Arij Fatima came back from USA to work in Pakistan. Areej Fatima debut in drama Hazaron Saal but she became popular and got noticed for her acting in comedy serial Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga 2. Arij Fatima is doing a lot of work and has been doing photo-shoots as well.
Ads/Commercials ;
Lipton yellow Label Tea
Cadbury Perk
Nestle Cerelac

Drama’s :
Kisay Kahen Apna
Meri Beti
Teri Ulfat Main
Ik Pagal Si Larki
Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain
Mar Jain Bhi To Kya
Teri Ulfat Mai Sanam
Mar Jain To Acha ho
Mahi Aye Ga
Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga 2
Sabz Pari Lal Kabuter
Sabz Qadam
Hazaron Saal

Sanam jung:
Sanam Jung (born 28 October 1988) is a Pakistani Actress, Model and VJ. She has worked as VJ on AAG TV and made her acting debut with Dil e Muztar on Hum TV.

Kiran Khan Revolting comment in Geo Morning Show

Morning shows should be refreshing and enlightening. Being a Morning Show host is a big responsibility. The guests who are invited to Morning Shows also have to weigh their words before they blurt them out because these shows are live, anything that you say will reach millions of people. Many of our favorite actors who we consider very decent have done some very indecent things on some of the Morning Shows. Kiran Khan was the host in Utho Jago Pakistan in which the discussion was going on about horoscopes. One thing led to another and Kiran Khan said something that was uncalled for. Everyone laughed as if it was very funny but what she said was actually very disgusting. Kiran Khan always appears to be so decent, what she said was shocking for every one.

Actress Sana Khan Passed Away in a car accident

Actress Sana Khan who recently got married to Babar Khan died in a tragic road accident today while she was on her way to Hyderabad إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Babar Khan is also in serious condition, we request everyone to pray for his speedy recovery.

This is a very sad moment, Sana Khan was young and still had her whole life ahead of her. The entire team of reviewit extends their heartfelt condolence to her family and friends. May Allah give them the courage they need to bear the loss of a loved one.

Mawra Hocane & Sadia Khan Photoshoot for Kayseria

Kayseria, being a designer brand,doesnot need any introduction. They played with the colors so beautifully, this time for their spring collection, that at first glance, I felt like I shall buy them all.
Mawra Hussain along with other models did a very beautiful yet different photoshoot for the spring collection. We can see the colors of springs in every single picture. And yeah, Mawra is carrying herself very nicely and Sadia is looking really different and beautiful in the shoot that I was unable to recognize her when I first came across this shoot.

 For more pictures please go to Photos Of Pakistani Celebrities page

Ayeza Khan Sacandal Pictures

In entertainment industry MMS scandal is not new. From small screen actor to Bollywood or Hollywood’s mega star like Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Kim, Saleena and many more, have faced the worst situation of their name getting involved in an MMS clip. They all have been the victim of fake MMS scandals.

A name who charmed many on the small screen, Ayeza Khan shocked one and all with her alleged Bikini pictures which got leaked online. Ayeza Khan is known for her innocent and cute girl image and has been a successful actress on the small screen.
Latest morphed Pics of Ayeza Khan has gone viral but this is not the first time that celebs’fake pics have hit the web. The fake bikini pics became popular in a jiffy when it was uploaded on web. These pics became too popular and put the actress in an awkward situation. take a look on some of pics !!!

The actress even gave a statement saying, “The pics are disgusting and it’s ridiculous to even talk about it.”
Our beautiful diva Ayeza Khan is upset with the fake and morphed pics that show her in Bikini online by an anonymous guy. Nearly 10 pictures of the actress, in which she was seen in bikini, were making rounds on the web.

As the fake pictures of her were out, Ayeza now fears that some MMSs in the name of her might make rounds on net. Nevertheless, star tag is always a challenge for the celebrities. Just to ruin their image, some anti-social elements upload these kinds of objectionable pictures and smudge the actor’s reputation. Its really sad that Ayeza Khan bikini picture Scandal which is morphed actually.


Pakistani Actresses turns towards Singing

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to us, really, that some of our best actresses also happen to be good singers. After all, they work in the entertainment industry, and most of them have probably worked in theatre at one point or another. The things just sort of go together.
But no matter how logical it is, it’s such a fulfilling moment when you realize that an actress you admire is also a great singer. It’s hard to explain, but it’s kind of amazing to us ordinary folk that these people can possibly have natural talent in two separate areas that most of us could never excel at in a million years. At least that’s one explanation.

Pakistani Actresses Who Can Sing Beautifully

Anyway, here are 10 actresses who, through good genes and hard work, also happen to be impressive singers.
1. Mehwish Hayat
We got our first taste of Mehwish’s singing chops in the Manjali’s drama ost, and like the drama itself, she was very good ‘pani barsa hai’ and again for drama serial Talkhiya’s ost with waqar ali. Both this singles of Mehwish were hits. Mehwish Hayat is planning to surprise us all with her debut album.

2. Komal Rizvi
So she’s not even really an “actress.” We all remember when her “music video” for her song “Bau gi” was released and she get instant fame. Well, even after becoming the laughing stock and torture for ears pop music lovers everywhere, Ms. Komal Rizvi has continued churning out what she loosely categorizes as “music”.

3. Saba Qamar
Saba Qamar is not a new face in the showbiz world, she has already appeared in a variety of TV plays, said often she feels like singing as a professional singer but she’s totally concentrating on acting.

4. Zara Sheik
Zara Sheikh is a model, actress and singer. Zara Sheikh has acted in films such as Tere Pyar Mein, Salakhain and Laaj.In 2003, she branched into singing, playback singing for her film, Sheikh collaborated with Ali Haider to playback sing three musical numbers for her movie Chalo Ishq Larain.

5. Sanam Saeed
The ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ actress once showed off her vocal with a simple refrain of “Coke Studio” as a background singer. Saeed started her career at the age of 17 with a popular local music channel as a VJ followed by a stint as a stand-up comic for the Black Fish troupe in the early 2000s. As a singer/actor, Sanam recently took the theatre world by storm with her incredible vocal performances in the highly-acclaimed musicals Chicago and Mamma Mia. Â


Give YouTube a chance says: Ali Gul Pir and other Rappers

KARACHI: With many deep into withdrawal over the banning of social media network YouTube in Pakistan, they found a new anthem for their cries in the form of ‘Vital Saeen’ Ali Gul Pir along with rapper Adil Omar and music producer  Talal Qureshi calling for an end to the block in their new music video.
The video and its profound lyrics immediately caught the attention of people and soon the video was going viral on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter with Ali Gul Pir trending.

The video is part of a youth initiative “Pakistan for All“ against state censorship in the country and mainly focuses on the YouTube ban.
A few months earlier, a similar video circulated on social media which featured a YouTube mascot roaming around the streets of Karachi asking for hugs from those who want the popular video streaming site to be accessible again.
The latest music video aims takes things further and the song’s lyrics cleverly play on a vernacular slang, using the words “ban” and “chor” (thief) together to indirectly refer to the government as access thieves and the fact that they are taking the ban for granted by not removing it.
The music video focuses on three singers who rap about the ban on the video site, the YouTube mascot who is chased by the authorities and a politician, who slyly watches videos on the site in the safety of his own drawing room.
The lyrics stress on how people these days have to use various proxy sites to access blocked sites in the country. Towards the end, Adil Omar in his rap even tells the government to ban the video itself if they don’t approve of it.

Veena Malik’s White Wedding

Veena always dreamt of white wedding right from her childhood and finally,her dream came true. Her white wedding took place in  world’s most luxurious cruise of USA- ‘Spirit of Washington’. The host and best man of the wedding was Asad’s younger brother Arshad Khattak. Close family friends and relatives were invited at the wedding that made a total of around 400 people on their wedding.
Enjoy the wedding photos here :

veena-malik-white-wedding2 veena-malik-white-wedding3 veena-malik-white-wedding4 veena-malik-white-wedding5 veena-malik-white-wedding6 veena-malik-white-wedding7 veena-malik-white-wedding8 veena-malik-white-wedding9 veena-malik-white-wedding10 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-1 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-2 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-3 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-4 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-5 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-7 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-8 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-9 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-10 veena-malik-white-wedding-celebrations-25

10 Upcoming Pakistani Films in 2014!

2013 has been a lucky year for the Pakistani film industry as the cinema made a huge money with some hit movies like Waar, Josh and chambaili and as we are moving on with 2014, we can see our film-makers all occupied in making movies that can further improve the movie business. Here are 10 upcoming Pakistani films in 2014 that you should watch. Have a look!



It is an upcoming action comedy film which is directed by Hamza Ali Abbasi, starring Humayun Saeed, Shafqat Cheema, Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui and Sohai Ali Abro and is all about unlikely friendships that may happen between two complexly different people.


 It is a feature film which has been directed by Yasir Jaswal and include some of the most prominent actors of Pakistan film industry naming Danish Taimoor, Ali Safina, Adnan Jaffar, Ali Rehman and Uzair Jaswal.


 It is a Pakistani romantic film featuring Asad Zaman and Rabia Butt in the leading film roles and is all about the people and the effect on their lives due to the Afghan War.

Kites Grounded:

 It is an upcoming Punjabi film directed by Murtaza Ali and includes stars like Irfan Khoosat, Tasneem Kausar and Abid Kashmiri and is all about traditional kite flying and cities where it is important.


 It is an imminent Pakistani family film directed by Jamshed Mahmood and is grounded on the deterioration of the railway structure in Pakistan in Baluchistan.

Operation 021:

 With the genre of action thriller this movie has been produced by the very famous Zeba Bakhtiar and Azaan Sami Khan and is now under its final stages of editing so it can be released soon.


 It is a forthcoming Pakistani Urdu language art film directed by Abdul Majid Abbasi and Raza Haider and features the famous Pakistani model and VJ Urwa in the main leads and is all about real time events and conspicuous recurrences.

The Dance Diaries:

 This is probably the first dance based movie in the history of Pakistani film industry, directed by the famous Omar Hassan and is in associations with the H2O film productions.

Waar 2:

 With the popularity and the immense success of Waar, the directors and producers have decided to make another sequel of the movie whose shooting is expected to be in Pakistan along with Russia and turkey. The production of this film is with the collaboration of ARY films and MindWorks Media.

The System:

 It is another action drama film, soon to be relapsed during this year, and has been directed by Shahzad Ghufoor and starring Shehraz, Nadeem Baig, Kashaf Ali, Shafqat Cheema, Irfan Koshart, Ejaz Nayyar and Rabia Tabassum as main leads.

Sindh Festival 2014

The Sindh Festival 2014, the much awaited cultural extravaganza, has turned out to be one of the most hyped events as its promotion had started almost six weeks prior to the event. The Sindh Festivel finally began on Saturday, 1st February, near the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro with a lavish opening ceremony which was hosted by Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui and Humaima Malik. The festival also featured beautiful fireworks as part of the grand opening.
 The mastermind behind this unique cultural revival festival is Pakistan People’s Party Patron-in-Chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. The festival includes a series of celebrations all over the province for two whole weeks. With the remains of Mohenjo-Daro as the backdrop, Bilawal Bhutto walked up the 80-feet-wide illuminated stage to officially open the festival.
The inaugural Sindh Festival, instigated by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, was conceived because of the danger in which Sindh’s rich heritage and culture is right now. Mohenjo-Daro, the world’s oldest planned urban landscape, lies in a state of disrepair, a victim of neglect and indifference. It is but one of a myriad of sites of antiquity scattered across Sindh and Pakistan which need attention now if they are not to be lost forever.
According to Bilawal, ‘It is to preserve, promote and protect our heritage, such as Mohenjodaro, standing right behind us’. The main object of organizing the festival was to initiate the process of protection and conservation necessary to safeguard Sindh’s unique and irreplaceable cultural heritage for generations to come. The main tagline of the Sindh Festival is ‘Apni Sakhawat Pe Naaz Karo, Pakistan Se Pyaar karo’ (Be proud of your culture, and love Pakistan)
Apart from Bilawal, the official opening ceremony was graced by Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, PPP leader Faryal Talpur, former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Qamar Zaman Kaira, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Owais Muzaffar and Sharmeela Farooqi. A number of foreign visitors were also seen at the event wearing traditional Sindhi Ajrak. Approximately 1,000 guests were present at the grand opening ceremony; some of these had been specially flown to Mohenjo-Daro to attend the event.
A lot of effort has been put by all the Bhutto siblings to promote this event. A few creative videos were made in which words like ‘Saeein to Saeein’ and ‘Meri Ajrak’ were used to promote the festival. Sindh Festival is a celebration of all things Sindhi, from Sufi raag to art, to fashion, film and everything in between. The festival had different kinds of events such as Sufi night, Basant, Ghazal night, Music Mela, Art Festival and many more in the course of two weeks.
Apart from the videos, Bakhtawar Bhutto released a song in which she has displayed her rapping skills. This song is made in collaboration with the band Mooroo and the song was released via a link to the song on the Sindh Festival’s official Twitter account.
The song starts off with a very catchy beat and has a hip-hop feel to it. Bakhtawar talks about preserving Pakistans’ heritage, the motto of the festival. She goes on to rap about how Pakistanis should “stand tall” on their “soil with pride”.
The song with Mooroo is not the only song that will be featuring in the festival. Ali Gul Pir, of the Saeein toh Saeein fame, released the song ‘Pakistan Ka Beta’ especially for the festival. The song has the same beat as his popular song ‘Saeein to Saeein’.

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